Keep your pets healthy while fundraising for your school.
That’s right - keep up with regular flea and worm treatments at the same price you pay elsewhere and up to $5 from every box goes directly to your school.
From as little as $2.08/week
(charged monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly)
Bixxy Box is a subscription service powererd byMy Rover
Keep regular pet health affordable.
We know owning a pet means a lot of important expenses like food, insurance, comfy beds, toys... That's why My Rover is making sure the monthly upkeep of parasiticide health of your pet is affordable, with products that work best to keep fleas, worms, ticks and mites away for good.
Delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.
Get your flea and worm treatment only when you need it. You choose whether your personalised treatment is delivered to your door every month, second month or quarter. No hassle, no fuss. And of course, up to $5 from every box goes directly back to your chosen school.
Your first month is on us.
To get your fundraising started, My Rover will help by making your first flea and worm treatment for every pet totally free for you! There is no better way to start fundraising than a free donation.

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Your first monthly treatment is free thanks to My Rover!
Why it’s important to keep up with regular treatments.
Prevent flea and worm related health issues in your pet.
Dogs and cats can suffer many health issues from a flea or worm infestation, things like bowel issues, hair loss, allergic reactions to bites. Keeping up with treatments will stop this from happening (and avoid expensive vet bills to fix).
Prevent infestations in your home.
Once a flea gets into the warm and dry home it can lay thousands of eggs and it can quickly become an issue for the entire family. Prevention is better than cure.
Stop the spread.
Making sure fleas and worms never take hold of your pet means they will never be able to spread to other pets, to you or members of your family. Keeping them contained will keep everyone healthy.
From only
$2.08 per week*
*Treatments are billed monthly from $26.99/m
You're getting the very best.
The only product that takes care of all fleas and major worms for the lifetime of your pet.
Safe to use teeny tiny kittens as small as 800 grams and puppies from 2kg.
Cost-effective monthly treatment means it's easy to look after your pet.
I joined because I preferred that my child's school was the one who profited from my pet care.
Recommended by veterinarians.
I recommend this product for all pet owners. It's safe, it's effective and also importantly, it's inexpensive - no excuses!
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Join over 25,000 My Rover members and get the best home care for your pet.
Keep up with regular flea and worm treatments.
Start your regular Bixxy Box service today, get your first month free and automatically donate to your school every time it arrives.